How do I contact you if I’m having problems with my Puff-N-Fluff?

For customer support on how to get the most out of your Puff-N-Fluff, see the below: Email… Send us an email at service@ and we will respond within one business day. Phone… Or if you prefer, call our customer support line at 1-855-783-3583. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 4:00PM Eastern Standard Time.
Why does Puff-N-Fluff work?

Puff-N-Fluff’s patent-pending design is a unique way to trap and circulate warm air around your dog so that your dog is dry in minutes. Traditional ways of blow drying wastes time by letting warm air escape and only dries one area at a time. Furthermore, Puff-N-Fluff calms your dog by creating distance between the noise of the blow dryer and the violent wind that scares them.
Is overheating a concern when using a Puff-N-Fluff?

When using a blow dryer make sure the air temperature is set on Low or Cool. Never use Hot or High air temperatures. Puff-N-Fluff is constructed so air can flow out through the neck, tail and legs. But please monitor your dog for any signs of overheating such as heavy panting or tongue hanging out of the mouth. Remove the Puff-N-Fluff if you see any signs of overheating.
What if Puff-N-Fluff isn’t working for my dog?

We stand behind our product! Puff-N-Fluff is a terrific solution for most dogs. Many owners see reductions in dry time or complete elimination of fearful symptoms of blow dryers with the very first use. With others, it may take two or three usages of Puff-N-Fluff before your dog is calmer in it.
Here are some helpful Tips and Tricks:

  • Towel dry your dog before putting them in the Puff-N-Fluff.
  • Keep the air temperature on cool or low. Never put it on High or Hot. It may overheat your dog.
  • Try getting your dog familiar with the Puff-N-Fluff by laying it out on the floor and associate it with their favorite treat.
  • When putting the paws through the leg holes, make sure the elastic goes above the knee joint to help hold the Puff-N-Fluff in place while you hook & loop the top.
  • Calm your dog by scratching under their chin while they getting dried in the Puff-N-Fluff.
  • If your dog pulls a leg out of the opening don’t worry; the Puff-N-Fluff will still dry your dog. As long as your dog is comfortable, the Puff-N-Fluff will still work.

But if for any reason Puff-N-Fluff isn’t the right solution for your dog, return it within 60 days for a full refund of your purchase price (less S&H). See below for detailed return or exchange instructions.

How Does the Puff-N-Fluff work with a thick, long haired dog?

The dry times with the thicker and longer haired dogs will be longer. It is important to brush you dog before bathing them to help prevent matting. Also, towel dry your dog thoroughly before using the Puff-N-Fluff. While the Puff-N-Fluff is on your dog, slide your hand in from the neck area and run your fingers through their coat. This helps in letting the air get into the under coat while allowing you to love on your dog.
How do I return my Puff-N-Fluff for the money-back guarantee?

If you purchased your Puff-N-Fluff from a store or other retailer:

Please return your Puff-N-Fluff to the place of purchase for credit; we are unable to process returns for Puff-N-Fluff not purchased directly from MTS Innovations, LLC. If the place of purchase is unwilling to support the refund policy, please contact usat

If you purchased your Puff-N-Fluff directly from MTS Innovations, LLC:

We stand behind our product! If for any reason you decide that the Puff-N-Fluff is not the right solution for your dog, you may return it within 60 days for a refund of your purchase price. Please include the packaging sheet or sales order number and write “refund” on the top, and send it with the Puff-N-Fluff to: Customer Service, P.O. Box 1252, Indian Rocks Beach, FL. 33785. After we receive your package, a credit for the original purchase price will be issued to your credit card usually within one week. If we are unable to process a credit to your card, a refund check will be mailed to you.
How do I exchange my Puff-N-Fluff for a different size?

If you purchased your Puff-N-Fluff from a store or other retailer: Please contact the place of purchase to obtain details on their size exchange policy. If you purchased your Puff-N-Fluff directly from MTS Innovations, LLC: If you believe that you may need a different size Puff-N-Fluff for your dog, we will be happy to exchange it. Please send it back with the packaging sheet or order number with a note stating the new size you’d like to: Puff-N-Fluff, P.O. box 1252, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785.
Can I wash and dry Puff-N-Fluff?

Puff-N-Fluff is made with durable, washable fabric. When necessary, it may be washed in a regular cycle using regular laundry detergent and cold water, but remember to fasten the hook & loop before washing. Hang Puff-N-Fluff to dry.

If necessary, to remove dog hair from your Puff-N-Fluff fastener, we recommend using a standard dog “slicker” brush. A couple of strokes and the fastener will be nearly completely hair-free.

How do I put Puff-N-Fluff onto my anxious dog?

We designed Puff-N-Fluff to be very easy to put on your dog. Click here to see detailed video. It is important to familiarize your dog with the Puff-N-Fluff. If you have an anxious dog, lay the Puff-N-Fluff out on the floor and set a treat on the Puff-N-Fluff; let your dog eat the treat. You can also sooth your dog by scratching under their chin. Next, as your dog is standing on the Puff-N-Fluff, slip a hand under the Puff-N-Fluff and through the leg hole and place your dog’s paw through the hole. Bring the elastic all the way up their leg so they can not step out of it as easily. Give your dog another treat. Once all paws are through and the Puff-N-Fluff is fastened closed, start the blow dryer. As your dog is drying, scratch under their chin and reasure them everything is fine. It is okay if your dog’s paw comes out of the leg opening; the Puff-N-Fluff will still dry your dog. Dogs love the circulating warm air and will relax after feeling the warm air on their cold bodies. After using the Puff-N-Fluff a fews times, most dogs will like having the Puff-N-Fluff on them.
What size is right for my dog?

Size Body Length Weight Breeds
XS 7″-11″ 5lbs-14lbs Toy Yorkshire-Terriers, Malteses, Chihuahuas
S 12″-16″ 15lbs-29lbs Pugs, Hounds, Jack Russel Terriers, Boston Terriers
M 17″-20″ 30lbs-49lbs Wheaten Terriers, Spaniels
L 21″-24″ 50lbs-95lbs Labs, Labradoodles, Golden Retrievers

The Puff-N-Fluff is made with lots of extra material so air is able to circulate around your dog. If your dog is a little rounder than the vet recommends, the Puff-N-Fluff will still fit. The main size is measured by the distance between from the collar and start of tail.

dog size chart